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We Bring Our PARTY ANIMALS to you

This page is for Home Based Birthday Parties only. Please click another option if this is for a business.

Golden Ridge birthday party displays can be a great way to entertain guests in-between games, meals or as the main event of your party.   We can adjust our displays from basic to complex and from a few animals to many animals. We have 2 standard packages which should suit your needs.... as well as pony rides.

We have a strict bio security policy with antibacterial hand sanitizer provided at entry and exit points

PARTY bookings are available with these start times ONLY


start at 10am

start at 10.30am

start at 2pm

start at 2.30pm

start at 3pm

anytime after 3pm should be fine

NOTE Some of the above session times will be removed in Summer for animal welfare due to the heat / expected warmer weather.

DISTANCE we travel within 45min - 1 hour from Dural 2158

Little Lamb

We Bring

15 animals
• 2 baby lambs
• 2 baby kid goats
• Ducklings
• Rabbits
• Chicks

Visit Duration

1 hour maximum

Suitable For

Up to 12 children or

1or 2 year old Birthday Party

Set Up

Small animal pen 1.5m x 1.5m

What happens On the Day

The kids hold the smaller animals, bottle feed the baby lamb and kid, brush and feed.


The cost depends on date and location

Please fill out the form with ALL DETAILS

Sundays are more expensive

We Bring

20 to 25 animals
• Baby lambs
• Baby kid goats
• Ducklings
• Rabbits
• Chicks

• Hen and Rooster


Visit Duration

up to  2 hours

Suitable For

10 - 20 Children ​

If more guests expected let us know to quote according

Set Up

3m x 3m pen (approx)

grass or concrete area

A tarp can be put down if required and arranged before hand

What happens On the day

The baby lambs and baby goats go on the inside of the pen. If the children would like to they can go in as well

We let the kids hold the smaller animals, bottle feed the baby lambs and kids, brush and feed the animals.


The cost depends on date and location

Please fill out the form with ALL DETAILS

Sundays are more expensive


Pony Rides

Minimum Pony for rides is 2 ponies for 1 hour- Ponies come in a minimum of 2 to any job

Pony rides start from $660.00

suitable for 1- 6 year olds (up to 30kg)

NOTE - These are our 2 most common packages. We however can quote to each parties individual needs.

Please fill out the form below and we can get back to you.

Farmyard Party Booking
Parking - 
you need to supply a parking closest spot to set up location.
- Our 
licence with the Department of Primary Industries it states we must have access to our vehicle within 10m of the location for animal welfare in the case of an emergency.
- 1 x parking spot to suit 1 x ute  with 1.5m side access.
Pony Rides Booking
Parking- Pony rides require 1 x 4wd and connected horse float parking spot must be parallel

Farmyard and Pony Rides Booking
Parking- 1 x ute, 1x 4WD and 1 x horse float


If the Party is booked and parking is not provided on the day. 
We will either leave and return to the farm or if we have to go in search of parking this time is included in your booking.
We log each job with the department and they can inspect at any time.

We are not quoting any Birthday parties that are held in September, October, November or December - unless the party is within 2 weeks of the booking enquiry.

This is our peak corporate season and as our mobile farmyard is based around corporate bookings - we book these is first and fit any parties around these bookings. 
Booking Enquiry or Quote
all quotes are valid for 4 weeks once issued
Date of Party
SET UP DETAILS - tick boxes for your set up

We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you

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