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Welcome to our incursion page for
OSHC, Vacation Care and After School Care


  • These visits are suitable for Monday - Friday in the school holidays for vacation care or in school term for After school care

  • A hands on FUN farmy experience where the children get to hold, pat and feed 

a variety of hand raised farm animals

  • We clean up and take the mess away

  • We are fully licensed with the Department of Primary Industries.

  • All staff have working with childrens checks

  • Risk assessment available



Visit Length

up to 2 hours

extra hours are available for larger centres (price will be quoted)

What we bring

20-25 animals

  • Baby lambs

  • Baby goats

  • ducklings

  • Chicks

  • rabbits

  • Chickens / Hen

(combination of the above)

Set Up

Animal pen 3m x 3m  (minimum)

What happens On the Day

We are flexible how you would like to run the visit depending on your Centre age groups.

The centre numbers are broken into smaller groups.

ie 50 children on the day would be 2 x sessions at 25 in each group at 1 hour sessions.

There is a little talk to say hello and an introduction to our animals.

The children then hold the smaller animals. 

After holding the animals the children then get to pat and feed the baby lambs and goats chaff they can also brush them.

We require the assistance of the educators on the day.


The cost depends on date and location

Please fill out the form with ALL DETAILS

Travel fees apply from Dural 2158

Request a quote or ask a question

Thanks for submitting!

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