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Welcome to our EDUCATIONAL incursion page for
Schools Kindergarten , Year 1 and Year 2
Early Childhood Preschools, Early Learning Centres & Childcare Centres


Over the years we have developed an educational program that is both fun and interesting for the children.

It teaches children about farm animals and how they help us.

At Golden Ridge our aim is to spend quality time with each child . This means every child will get a turn at every activity which is an integral part of the learning process.

  • Our educational program is suited for children from 3 years old.

  • We are licensed with the Department of Primary Industries

  • We have Risk assessment provided

  • We have all relevant insurance

  • All staff have Working with Children Checks

Visit Length

up to 2 hours

extra hours are available for larger schools or centres (price will be quoted)

What we bring

20-25 animals

  • Baby lambs

  • Baby goats

  • Ducklings

  • Rabbits

  • Chicks

  • Larger chicken / Hen

Set Up

Animal pen approx 3m x 3m 

Wet weather - we are happy to visit in wet weather but we require a dry, undercover area to set up in


What Happens On The Day

We arrive early to set up and be ready to start at our booked time. We can set up where ever suits you, grass or on concrete. We can put a tarp down to protect surfaces or grass. Under a shaded area is preferred to protect the animals and children from the sun. We set up a small steel pen this can vary in size depending on the area we have and the number of children. We put our baby lambs and goats inside this pen and our smaller animals stay in their cages.

We require access to water.

We break up the day into smaller groups divided between the time we are there.


SCHOOLS - Depending on student numbers. the visit is broken into 2 x 1 hour sessions - with no breaks or the schools smaller break (recess).

EARLY CHILDHOOD - Depending on the number enrolled on the day. The visit is broken up into age groups or rooms.

2 x 50 min sessions leaving a small amount of time for 0-2 yr olds to come and say hi

Note No program is run for 0-2 year olds only a look and see.

Note - Throughout the visit we may also break the groups up again into smaller groups.

We also require the help of teachers on the day.

We like the children to sit on the ground and we will sit on small chairs.


Our Program


We sit the children down and introduce ourselves and our animals to them.

We ask them questions about the animals, what sounds they make and products they give us. All questions are based on the children's age and how responsive they are.

Our talk is tailored to suit your topic and cover outcomes for you - please advise what topic you are doing on booking.


The children will sit on the ground in small groups or lines we will let the children hold, pat and feel the smaller animals.

Open Pen

We open up our pen to let the children go inside and hand feed and brush our animals. If the children are not sure about going in we allow them to touch and feed the animals from the outside. We may do this as 2 or 3 smaller groups.

Question Time

If there is time at the sessions end we will have a quick questions time for the children to ask the farmers any farm animal questions they may have.

At the end of the visit we will pack up the structure and clean up the animals mess we will remove this and take it with us.


The cost depends on date and location

Please fill out the form with ALL DETAILS

Travel fees apply from Dural 2158

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